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Mobile Applications For Business Productivity

Mobile Applications Development For Business (Android, iOS, Backend Cloud Software)

We specialize in developing business mobile applications integrated with cloud software / databases. Any type of business application that requires employees to collect, access and exchange information on a smartphone, with the ability to do set up and access / download reports via the admin web dashboard will be a good match for us. Need your mobile application become a part of industrial internet of things and communicate with the hardware? We can help you with these type of projects.

Remote Data Exchange

Integrated cloud - mobile applications connected to a back-end database. Mobile applications exchange data with a back-end centralized database, so that user can access up-to-the minute information on a smartphone. Data collected on a smartphone are sent to a centralized database in real time, and immediately become available to all connected devices (mobile devices and computers).

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QR Codes, Barcodes, NFC Tags & Bluetooth Beacons

If you need to track assets or inventory, modern technologies (QR codes, NFC, bluetooth beacons) will help you automate these tasks, and have real time access to inventory stock and assets locations. The choice of technology depends on your exact needs. We can provide both recommendations and mobile application / software that will fit your process and requirements.

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Mobile Data Collection And Mobile Forms

If you need to fill any kind of forms or paperwork, mobile forms application will make your life much easier. You won't need to deal with the paperwork any more - your employees will fill the forms on the mobile devices and send data directly to the cloud database. You will have all your records and documents in digital form, easily searchable and accessible on demand from anywhere.

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On Site Process Documentation

Documenting processes and procedures or events on a smartphone. Use text, photos, video and audio to document the process. Share documentation with a team via cloud.

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Mobile Restocking Orders

Allow your clients to place restocking orders on a smartphone, by scanning QR codes on the items. This is fast, convenient and error-free way to place orders, and encourages your clients to re-order from you.

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Hardware Integration

Mobile applications integrated to the bluetooth enabled hardware, such as bluetooth barcode scanners.

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