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Business Mobile Applications For QR Code, Barcode And NFC Tags Scanning

Ability to scan QR codes, barcodes or NFC tags and transfer information to internal business systems can greatly improve business operations efficiency. AHG provides ready-to-go and custom mobile applications that include ability to complete a business task or get information by scanning QR codes or barcodes with a smartphone. You can use smartphone camera for scanning QR codes and barcodes, as well use use smartphones to read NFC tags for the faster processing. If you prefer, you can also use hand-held bluetooth barcode scanner connected to a smartphone.
Below are just several examples of mobile applications that use QR code, barcode and NFC tags scanning to streamline business operations, collect and access data.

QR wave - Mobile Ordering For B2B Restocking Orders

QR codes may contain much more information than regular barcodes. This makes them especially well-suited for mobile commerce, since along with line item number you can encode other relevant information, such as size, color, location in the warehouse, etc.
Using as a base for your project, we can design mobile commerce system for your specific situation. Since the major part is already available and tested multiple times as a completed project you will have your custom mobile commerce system designed and completed quickly and efficiently.

QR Inventory - Mobile Inventory And Asset Management

QR Inventory is a revolutionary inventory management system that uses QR codes, barcodes or NFC tags to manage inventory in the warehouse, on the manufacturing floor, or in the field. We realize, however, that real-life inventory management requirements vary significantly from industry to industry and from one organization to another.
You can rely on our experience developing QR codes-based ERP/database - integrated inventory and asset management systems and use QR Inventory as a base for your custom inventory management project.

QR Mobile Data - Mobile Data Collection And Access

QR Mobile Data application uses QR code scanning to identify business objects you are working with. Once object is identified, you can review object information (specifications, attached pdf documents, images, operations instructions, manuals, drawings or any other relevant data), maintenance and service history, or fill out mobile form(s) that you can create via the web dashboard. Depending on the object nature (it can be equipment, assets, property, infrastructure, employees, agricultural fields or anything else you need to track and collect information for), your custom mobile forms can include maintenance forms, inspection forms, quality control forms, checklists, service request, damage report, etc.
You can use QR Mobile Data software as is, and create business objects and custom mobile forms that match your business operations and workflow, or we can further customize the software for your project.

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