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Inventory & Asset Management Using QR and Barcode Scanning

mobile apps working with internal databases and ERP systems Any company must carefully manage and control the inflow and outflow of the company materials, assets and produced goods. Over just two - three decades inventory control migrated from keeping books made from real paper, to spreadsheets and small databases, to complex software systems. Complexity of this software and hardware often makes large inventory management systems affordable only to large companies.

Emergence of mobile technology changed the situation. Today you do not need to waste manpower to keep track of your inventory and manage assets. You do not need specialized expensive hardware either. Mobile phone allows authorized employee to scan / check in / check out any item from the factory of warehouse floor, while web interface allows you 360° view of your business from anywhere.

The same QR or barcodes can be also used to facilitate mobile commerce, ordering of your products in both business-to-business and customer-facing environment.

b2b mobile commerce mobile app

QR codes may contain much more information than regular barcodes. This makes them especially well-suited for mobile commerce, since along with line item number you can encode other relevant information, such as size, color, location in the warehouse, etc.

Using as a base for your project, we can design mobile commerce system for your specific situation. Since the major part is already available and tested multiple times as a completed project and we are experienced in creating B2B and B2C mobile commerce systems, you will have your custom mobile commerce system designed and completed quickly and efficiently.

mobile app for inventory management working with database

QR Inventory is a revolutionary inventory management system that uses QR and if necessary, regular 2D codes to manage inventory in the warehouse, on the manufacturing floor, or in the field (in the case of gas drilling, for example.) We realize, however, that real-life inventory management requirements vary significantly from industry to industry and from one organization to another.

You can rely on our experience developing QR codes-based ERP/database - integrated inventory and asset management systems and use QR Inventory as a base for your custom inventory management project.


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