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Use Of QR Codes / Smartphones in Logistics: Tracking Packages

WDS Logistics application allows users to track warehouse orders from arrival to delivery. Company employees can use smartphones with WDS mobile application installed instead of the traditional mobile computers for barcode scanning and data entry.

WDS Logistics Mobile App

WDS Logistics is a web site / Android / iOS mobile software system. Application tracks warehouse orders, from arrival to delivery. Tracking is done by scanning QR code on the order packaging with iPhone or Android smartphone.

  • Create a new order as it arrives to the warehouse
  • Record order details, such as customer, airbill number, due date and anything else you need to keep track off
  • Access order details by scanning QR Code on the package with a smartphone
  • Record order transactions, such as warehouse transfer, return to customer, delivery
  • Review order status, transactions and statistics reports

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