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QRwave - app for qr codes ordering and ecommerce is a website / mobile application combo that provides an opportunity for the customers to place restocking orders by scanning QR Code on the product.

QRwave works for B2B and B2C ordering, or internal inventory management. In B2B environment, when field / warehouse workers do not have access to a computer to place an order, and office employees do not have up-to-the-minute access to inventory levels, QRwave provides a necessary link. One scan of QR code will send request to the office or direct order to the supplier, helping customer to maintain adequate inventory level, avoid supplies' shortages and expedited shipping charges.

For B2C ecommerce merchants, QRwave provides an opportunity to reach customers they have problem reaching otherwise, as well as keep existing customers loyal. For example, merchants selling through the third party outlets, such as Amazon, e-Bay, etc. placing QRcode on the item or packaging will ensure that the next time consumer orders directly from them. Both direct and inderect customers will likely re-order the product from the same merchant if all they need to do is scan QRCode with their phone.

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