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Portfolio of Business Mobile Applications: Mobile Catalogs

mCatalog is an example of mobile catalog application that allows users to select favorite categories and keep track of items updates, sales information.
mcommerce mobile catalogs

mCatalogs - mobile app for b2b and b2c mobile commerce (mCommerce)

mCatalog allows your organization to reach a mobile customer in both B2B and B2C situations. In enterprise environment, using mCatalog you can fully replace printing and shipping catalogs and give your salesforce reliable products presentation tool, saving money and headache in the process. Unlike printed or even web catalogs, products presentations in mCatalog are interactive: user can manipulate images - drag, zoom in and out, rotate - and look at product details at every point and angle. You can also include product audio presentation and video. Since mCatalog can be used on- or offline, products can be demonstrated in areas with poor reception.

You can also put your best deals and products in the customer's pocket at all times. mCatalog is integrated with your e-commerce web site, so everything gets sourced from the same database. In addition to standard eCommerce features, including interactive products presentations with audio and video, mCatalog gives you capability to send real time notifications on specials and promotions directly to customer's mobile phone or tablet.

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