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Portfolio of Business Mobile Apps: DairyCents App For Farmers

Dairy Cents series od applications (all available for iPhone, iPad and Android) allows dairy farmers to keep track of their farm operations, manage feed and check prices.
mobile app for farmers

mobile app for dairy farmers

DairyCents series of applications (Android and iOS versions for mobile phones and tablets) was created for Penn State Department of Animal Sciences. It is a software system that consists of mobile, web and database parts. The department developed multiple spreadsheet-based tools to help dairy farmers with every day farm management. DairyCents expands these tools, providing farmers with easy access to critical information, ability to manage and review their farm data, financial data, market and futures pricing from CBOE and compare their data to other farms.

As of now, the series includes three applications available for iOS and Android, and separate iPad only application. The initial DairyCents application allows farmers to access market prices on feed, track their prices and compare them to feed prices other farmers in the area had paid, as well as calculate average milk income for their area and track changes over time.

In addition to the above functions DairyCentsPRO includes ability to calculate and track farm milk income, and manage feed. The pair of producer / consultant applications allow consultants to efficiently work with producers. Consultant version allows consultants to keep track of multiple farms, and directly access producer's data (assuming producer gave them permission).

DairyCents is used by thousands of dairy farmers, consultants and scientists throught the world from US to Australia and from Europe to Latin America.

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