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AHG Cloud Note

CloudNote - mobile app for business documentation is created for situations where user needs to generate a (visual) document "on location." Examples of usage:


  • Visual instructions, step-by-step guides
  • Documenting problem (i.e. for getting help from co-workers, submitting tech support ticket)
  • Documenting conditions and circumstances (i.e. for insurance purposes)

Document can contain text, images (both taken by user on location and previously saved on a mobile device), video and sound (both taken by user on location and previously saved on a mobile device). The document can contain unlimited number of pages. After it is created, document can be uploaded to a cloud (public or private) and shared with colleagues. When used with your internal network / private cloud, Cloud Note can be useful as an internal knowledge base app. When used by your customers, it helps your technical support team and works as a building tool for customer-facing knowledge base.

mobile application for technical support, knowledge management, training

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