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Portfolio of Android and iOS Mobile Applications For Business

QR Inventory - application for small business inventory management
QRwave - app for qr codes ordering and ecommerce
mobile app for dairy farmers
Lak & Know-How - mobile app for ordering Baden-Jensen automotive paints and lacques
mobile app for food safety audit
mobile app for food safety audit
CloudNote - mobile app for business documentation
mCatalogs - mobile app for b2b and b2c mobile commerce (mCommerce)
Crop Cents - mobile app to calculate feed expense for dairy farmers
mobile app for food safety audit
mobile app for food safety audit

AHG mobile applications simplify typical business tasks and empower mobile users and management.

When thinking about business IT / mobile project, you must balance two sides of the equation:

Your situation -- existing business processes, infrastructure, working software -- is unique.
Existing solutions may offer some or even most of the functionality you need. But without obtaining the critical remaining functionality, these solutions are useless.

We work with people trying to solve this dilemma all the time. Many of our customers came to us so that we could modify one of our already existing solutions and create highly customized product by extending our software base to meet their specific needs. This saves customer time, money, and allows you to leverage our technical and domain-specific expertise. After all, we have been in business since 1994 and besides significant mobile know-how, possess real experience in adjacent areas of technology, such as server-side, database, web and cloud programming, and IT security.

Regardless of your specific situation, after your solution is deployed we shall provide best in class training, service and support making transition as smooth as possible. We welcome your ideas on developing apps that will work for your business. Please, call us at (814) 867-3200 (we are in Pennsylvania, Eastern Time zone), or drop us a note and an experienced business architect will be able to discuss solutions to your business needs.

Below we present a few business mobile applications that have been used both for stand-alone projects and as a foundation for custom business solutions

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