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Using Forms to Customize Busniess Mobile Apps

Business mobile applications are a good fit for on-the-go tasks like surveys, inspections, assessments. Each company and task, however, requires a specific form. AHG has experience creating applications where you will be able to customize the forms via the web interface.

Any business uses multiple forms that must be filled out by employees during the course of normal operations. Data from the completed forms goes into different spreadsheets, databases and/or is kept on file as required by regulations.

Mobile technology facilitates and expedites collecting data as well as regulatory compliance. Moreover, you can use web-based technology to create, modify and share forms that must be completed on a mobile device. Different users can be assigned varying privileges so that only authorized personnel can access and work with specific forms.

When completed, data collected on mobile devices can be exported in a format-neutral form to the organizational network for further processing. Original data can be backed up for regulatory compliance.

We have completed several form-using projects, most notably Food Safety Survey, where multiple users create forms, and survey food-related businesses, such as stores, farmer's markets, restaurants, etc. It is important to notice that software is built in such a manner that it does not require mobile connection to collect data / fill the form and, therefore, usable in the areas with no mobile or Wi-Fi connection.

We will be happy to use our experience (and code base!) in creating mobile apps for data collection for your project so that your custom mobile system will designed and completed quickly and efficiently. You can start by looking at our ready-to-go mobile forms software, and let us know what additions or modifications you may need, if any.

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