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Business Mobile Applications Using Remote Data Exchange

mobile apps working with internal databases and ERP systems Today you cannot find a company that does not use a database -- be it MS Access, or the latest Oracle, or SAP. Having your information in a database not only saves you time and preserves vital information, it allows you to see patterns in your operations that are not apparent in any other way.

The flip side of using database is, of course, that no business software would be of much use unless it can connect and exchange data with the relevant database(s). Below are a few examples of our software that connects to and works with internal ERP systems and databases:

mobile app exchanging data with database

provides farmers with ability to review and manage farm and financial data, market and futures pricing, easily access critical information, tools to compare their data to other farms. To achieve this functionality, mobile app works with multiple private and public databases reading and writing data.

DairyCents is used by thousands of dairy farmers, consultants and scientists throught the world from US to Australia and from Europe to Latin America.

mobile app for inventory management working with database

consists of a mobile app and web interface that can be connected to practically any database or ERP system. Scanning QR (and if necessary, regular 2D) codes makes it easy to manage inventory in the warehouse, on the manufacturing floor, or in the field (in the case of gas drilling, for example.) Mobile app then exchanges data with the corporate network providing up-to-the-second view of inventory on hand, items below re-order point, products nearing expiration, etc.

mobile app creating and managing forms using database

Safe Food Surveys allows users to create and modify mobile forms (forms used by mobile apps) via graphic web interface. These forms can be used for a variety of purposes and specifically to perform food safety surveys. Form design is saved in the database located on the company server. Survey data can be saved on the server and on a mobile phone. It can be also exported into a text / CVS file for import into data processing applications.

Cloud Note is a mobile app for documenting processes, procedures, or events using text, photos, video and sound. The app creates a document similar to MS Power Point presentation. Inaddition to images, the document can also contain video and sound.

After a document is created, user can save it on the device for later use and / or upload it to the cloud database to share with a group of colleagues, friends, etc.


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