Apple Passbook

Apple Passbook Integration Into Mobile and Web Applications

apple passbook in business Apple Passbook allows users to store and manage coupons, loyalty and membership cards, tickets, and other "passes" in a single location. When user approaches relevant location (or at a relevant time) passbook will pop-up the "pass" so that user does not even have to search for it. Importantly, company that created a pass can update it.

To use Apple Passbook you need:

  • software to generate passes, and
  • ability to process passes, that is to scan, retrieve information and take corresponding actions

Based on our PromoCard software, we will create graphical user interface so that you will be able to generate passes without any programming. We will also help you create distribution system Apple Passes so that you will be able to distribute passes via your web site, email, product packaging or catalogs, and / or a mobile application. With our experience developing Apple Passbook applications we will make sure that customer only sees passes that could be of ineterest to him or her based on web site search, purchase history and other parameters.



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